Jefferson Area Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 100
Jefferson, Ohio 44047

Mission Statement:
The Mission of the Jefferson Area Chamber of Commerce is to advance the commercial, industrial, professional, civic and general interests of the Jefferson Area. This organization will promote the Jefferson area as a good place to live, work and shop. To secure the active aid and cooperation of all citizens, merchants, manufacturers, professional people, real property owners, employers and employees in advancing the best interest of the Jefferson area. Jefferson Area Chamber of Commerce is an all-volunteer chamber. We serve the Jefferson Area to better our Community.

2017 Officers:

President- Patricia Fisher 440-576-3944
Vice President-Pat Bradek 440-477-8503
Treasurer- Rayne Burr
Secretary- Carmen Hamper

Board Members:

Anita Krulic
Bill Creed
Christopher Miller
Mary Jo Braden 440-576-4382
Judy Maloney 440-576-1492
Scott Landis
JoAnn Whetsell 440-993-8091
Heather Kovacic 440-261-8782

Chamber Meeting Minutes:

May 2 2016

June 7 2016
July 8 2016
August 2 2016
September 6 2016
October 4 2016
November 1 2016
December 6 2016
January 3 2017

February 7 2017
March 6, 2017
April 3 2017

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